Chapter 33!!!


Avatar Series:

Hello! Hello! Hello!
I know… your girl has been gone a while – I needed to reset, realign and every other “re” word that pretty much states that I needed to get it together. The good news is; I’m very close to being FIXT but I’m actually still very far from having it all together. This is why my blog is about to be the best it has ever been.

It’s hard to believe this blog became a reality 3 whole years ago. I was in such an awkward space. The love of my life had just broken my heart and it stirred emotions in me that reminded me of my love for writing. He was the catalyst to me being brave enough to share my words, but was the source of desired healing I needed to go through that has taken me on this journey of self discovery. I love putting words on paper and creating a visual picture for feelings I didn’t know I knew how to express. Not only do I have this love, I have opinions that allow this love to be, at the very least, entertaining. This is what brought me back after my last hiatus. I missed this space. I missed sharing my thoughts and having the freedom to express myself in the best way I know how. Also, don’t panic when you see some of my old blogs missing… I have a couple of surprises coming in the upcoming year and will share as they come:-)

I’m more conscious about the health of my relationships. Not just romantic but all of them. This work requires internal work and my need to be better means I have to get my hands and my feet dirty and do the work. Dedication to being better doesn’t come without funny, sad or just darn right worthy to share type of occurrences. This space is created with that in mind. The things I have learnt, the things I continue to learn and the things speaking out loud and hearing my own thoughts will teach me.

Thank you for sticking it out with me and being patient with me while I sorted through the files in my head and disappeared for a full year. I’m back though and it’s my Jesus year! So I hope my mind makes you think, my heart makes you feel and my personality keeps you coming back and also sharing your thoughts. I look forward to sharing my “Avatar Series” with you and hoping with each adventure/emotion we might have breakthroughs that might help us create versions of our own masterpieces in whatever color or shape we deem “right”.

Stay Tuned!


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