Dear Boss,

Letter from a Millennial

I know I’m a millennial.
But why does work always have to feel like work? I have work-xiety every Monday through Friday, then my weekend glow dies on Saturdays around noon due to the devastating fact that I have to be at work in a couple of hours (yes, I mean Monday!)

Is this really a me thing?
Or do jobs need to create a workspace that’s more conducive to the millennial mind and every other generation that follows because let’s be honest, it will probably only get worse with these new kids coming up the pipeline.

I must admit though, I currently have complaints with no actual solutions.
I just know the current state of affairs of which I come in to work DAILY and still can’t afford to retire to a private island along with the big dreams I was promised when I signed up for a 4-year stint after high school, under the guise of “bettering my life”, is not working.

I need a workspace that’s a mixture of “The Office” and working from home. Also, work between the hours of 10am and 2pm. You know, scratch that – I’m more reasonable than that. I can end the day at 3pm. I want to attend meetings where my actual skillset matters and not the job title you have pigeon holed me into, which if I may be frank, disallows me the freedom OR VIBE – to be great.

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You overlooking my every move and constantly asking for reports and setting deadlines is so uncalled for. It’s probably the textbook definition of micromanagement. My skillset, if you’re unsure, does include; essential oil blend creations, drinking flavored coffee, scrolling through memes, vibe ratification and conflict resolution (as long as the negativity doesn’t dim my glow) but I’m also a killer employee that is damn good at their job and can actually handle themselves in any professional setting given the space to breathe.

All I’m saying is, if you take time to know the employees that work not just for you but with you, you might understand that your judgment of “us” – doesn’t come close to what our actual brain wealth is worth. To you, I may just be employee #142 but behind that number is an extremely smart and capable professional who would probably over achieve when given the respect, opportunity and SPACE to be great.

Basically, it’s not me boss, it’s definitely you.

A Spokesperson for Millennials

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