To Social Media… or Not

It’s 2020.

My declaration?

I love you, babe…. so I will NOT follow you on social networks nor will I post you as my MCM. 

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On a daily, I find myself scrolling through several posts filled with admirable displays of love and affection. Couples kissing and showing off their love. Proposals and birthdays filled with jaw dropping gestures. Dinner dates captured from start to finish and intimate moments for all of us to bear witness to.

I stan.
I truly do.

However, in a world designed to share everything, I selfishly choose to love with no likes or comments so I haven’t posted a tribute to us.

My love life has had more dips, turns and doors I jimmy rigged to stay open till they slammed shut in my face in order for me to let them close!  Irreversible scars left as a reminder to knock first and if God says enter, THEN proceed!

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I don’t keep my relationship a secret, however, I love the fact that our moments, our intimacy, the most valued parts we hold dear, are simply…ours. 
By no means am I shaming the couples that find happiness in sharing with us their journey because we love to see it. Well (most of us) love to see it.

Strong sidebar; I also don’t want to have to do that ’sweep’ if my boyfriend ever lost his mind and it didn’t work. But rest assured, all my deepness still stands.

I do admit, as much as I want to claim my decision as a stand on all things sacred, I also just don’t want a hater to win. Because of this,  I don’t follow the man who gets all my love and affection. I know my strengths, and boy am I aware of my weaknesses. All it would take is 3 heart faced emojis under a picture and I’m on a one-way street to finding out where ’Bianca’ buys her toilet paper because I’m simply wired to find answers…and let’s be honest, ’Bianca’ has other emoji emotions that could have had us on different terms….but I digress.

Sometimes, a part of me wants him to find my BEST picture and shock me with a statement. But when my PMS ends, I always return to our norm: sliding in each others dms sharing funny memes. I love a couple that can find what works for them and live in their shared truth. We discussed. We exist in our shared decision and until either one of us waves a flag, we choose to be the tried and tested, old school, film version of love – rather than the digital modern mode capturing most hearts today.

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Either way, whatever decision you decide,  make it together. Be honest with yourself so your needs and wants can be addressed. Be kind if misaligned desires arise, and remember, the greatest love stories don’t have a map on the practicality of how love works. They learn to silence the masses and move at the rhythm of both their hearts beat. 

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